The ESPINEA®media center offers videos that showcase patient reports after surgery, statements from surgeons, animation videos, which explain minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery methods as well as recordings from live disc surgeries. For more media content please visit our youtube channel:

 Patient Reports & Statements from Surgeons

abc Channel7 – Dr. Daniel Laich speaks about the joimax® TESSYS® method

Dr. Menno Iprenburg, The Netherlands, about the advantages of the TESSYS® method


Patient video – TESSYS® disc surgery, Dr. Menno Iprenburg, The Netherlands

BBC News – Ashok Subramanian, MD, is leading the way in the UK with innovative minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery technology by joimax®.
Patient video after TESSYS® disc surgery at the MUSC Spine Center, USA
Patient video after TESSYS® disc surgery by Dr. Menno Iprenburg from Verhuizen, NL

 Animation Videos joimax® Methods

Minimally Invasive Treatment of Herniated Disc with the lateral TESSYS® method by joimax®.

Animation – TESSYS® disc surgery, prone position.

iLESSYS® Biportal | Unilateral Biportal Endoscopic Surgery System

Animation – Treatment of herniated discs in the cervical spine with CESSYS®

Animation – Endoscopic facet joint denervation (Rhizotomy) with MultiZYTE RT.

Animation – Lumbar interbody fusion using EndoLIF® O-Cage and Percusys®


 Recordings from Live Surgeries

Live surgery – CESSYS® by Dr. Ralf Wagner, Frankfurt


Live surgery – TESSYS® by Dr. Albert Telfeian, USA
Live surgery – TESSYS® (L4-5) by Dr. Michael Schubert, APEX Spine

 Inspiring Endoscopic Spine Presentations

Studying the Power of Endoscopic Spine Surgery – Christoph Hofstetter MD, PhD

Benefit Zone of Endoscopic Spine Surgery –
Saqib Hasan, MD

Nuances of Discectomy Approach Selection –
Meng Huang, MD

Endoscopic Spine Surgery How It Started & Where We Are Now –
Prof J. N. Alastair Gibson

 Social Media Highlights

Check out the “3 E.A.S.Y Steps: Transforaminal Docking” in the E.A.S.Y (Expert Approach to Spinal EndoscopY) Series by Sanjay Konakondla, M.D., our faculty from Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

– Dr. Sanjay Konakondla,

„Endoscopic decompression in a case of spine deformity“.

Dr. Robert Sabljic

Check out the E.A.S.Y (Expert Approach to Spinal EndoscopY) series by our faculty Sanjay Konakondla, MD from Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine.

This time E.A.S.Y notes are about Interlaminar Docking.

Sanjay Konakondla, MD,

Spontaneous HashtagCSF leak? Endoscopic solution. Incision was “____” this long.

– Sanjay Konakondla, MD