Fellowship Program

Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program (e.g. at Wooridul Hospital, South Korea) targets surgeons who wish to enhance their expertise. This program (3-5 days) consists of different modules of the joimax® CM3-Program and will be arranged individually. At least two surgeries per day are performed.
• Observe cases in selected training centers (e.g. in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, UK or Korea).
• Become familiar with all instruments, systems and devices according to the specific indication.
• Share expertise with surgeons, the anesthesia team and the general OR personnel.
This very intense and compact training will allow you to start in your own practice quickly and successfully, shortening your individual learning curve.

Visiting | studying | practicing

September 13 – 19, 2020

Live surgeries and hands-on cadlab sessions


September 14 -17, 2020, at different joimax® Faculties in Germany
With working groups of max. 2 persons / visitation

Hands-On anatomy lab workshop in Salzburg

Level 1 / Level 1-2 / Level 2-3 / Level 3-4

September 18 – 19,  2020, PMU Salzburg (Austria)

How to become an Endoscopic Spine Expert

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