Literature & Abstracts

The interest in endoscopic spine surgery is also reflected by the increasing number of publications. Innovative full-endoscopic procedures offer treatment solutions with gentle access to the spinal canal for a wide range of spinal pathologies. Clear advantages and the overall success of endoscopic surgical procedures are proven in clinical studies. The results suggest that endoscopic spinal surgery is increasingly regarded as the “gold standard”. The access to evidence-based publications is an integral part of the ESPINEA® training program.

Literature & Abstracts

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Literature of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

The offering of literature around endoscopic spine surgery is comprehensive and continuously increasing globally.

The following is a selection of remarkable titles. The special edition “Atlas of Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery” is certainly a “must have” book for surgeons who begin their learning journey of minimally-invasive endoscopic spine surgery and who are committed to mastering this progressive method in order to improve patients’ outcomes.

For patients, and equally for spine experts, the book “Lower Back Pain Hernia, Acute Lumbago. How to Get Rid of It” is an easy to read literature based on scientific evidence including numerous illustrations to show patients from where pain is coming from, what they can do about back complaints and what they can do to prevent them.

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