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ESPINEA® - Endoscopic SPINE Academy

ESPINEA® was founded in 2019 by joimax® . The overriding goal of ESPINEA® and its Academy is to support professionals in providing the highest standard of patient care. To accomplish this mission, the globally-acting ESPINEA® Endoscopic Spine Academy offers a specially tailored training and education program for spine surgeons. Endoscopic spine surgery is rising significantly, is state-of-the-art and will become the gold standard.

ESPINEA® is set up to provide an open academic platform for interested spine physicians to be fully-trained and educated on joimax® endoscopic systems, but also to get to discover and learn new spinal therapy concepts focused on the field of minimally invasive, preferable endoscopic spinal therapy.

ESPINEA® provides professional and high-quality educational programs for endoscopic spine surgeons. Training standards and skill levels are clearly defined. Training and education is provided for beginning endoscopic spine surgeons, as well as for those with existing experience to deepen and extend knowledge and expertise. In addition, the entire surgical team will be trained and will benefit from the program as well.


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Online & Onsite workshop | Level 1-2

This workshop will provide profound theoretical and practical knowledge on endoscopic deherniation/decompression and demonstrates endoscopic facet and SI joint therapy.

Online & On-Site workshop | Level 3-4

This workshop will provide profound theoretical and practical knowledge on endoscopic decompression at lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine as well as minimally-invasive stabilization.

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