Edinburgh (SCO) — joimax® organized the ESPINEA® World Summit 2023 at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, presented at the PASMISS Taiwan, NASSi in Bangkok, and this week at the ASEAN MISST in Jarkarta and the SSF in Seattle, all in July.

joimax® announced

From July 13th to 15th more than 80 attendees from all around the world connected in Edinburgh in the great atmosphere of the Royal College. During this major educational World Summit masters and experts in endoscopic spine surgery held introductory lectures followed by participants with many first-rate case presentations which involved the whole audience for discussions. After every topic cadaveric workshop sessions followed in which all techniques and approaches offered by joimax® were presented and trained to the participants.

The World Summit program was opened by Wolfgang Ries, ESPINEA® Chairman, CEO & Founder of joimax® and Dr. J.N. Alastair Gibson, Board Member ESPINEA®. Prof. Rowan W. Parks, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh welcomed the whole group at the very prestigious and extraordinary college impressing the attendees due to the richness of medical surgical history and overall atmosphere.

Every topic was introduced by an enthusiastic speech of one of the master faculty, like Prof. Albert Telfeian, Dr. Ralf Wagner, Prof. Mark Mahan, Dr. Felix Dominguez, Prof. Zhou Yue, Dr. Junseok Bae and Dr. Jian Shen. All held outstanding introductory lectures followed by 24 case presentations, called “my special case”, online and on-site, and were evaluated by the audience on transforaminal endoscopic surgery approach with TESSYS®, interlaminar approach with iLESSYS®, cervical approach with CESSYS®, navigated endoscopic spine surgery with Intracs® and various approaches with EndoLIF®.

Wolfgang Ries said: “The idea of this first World Summit was the get-together of masters, experts and rising stars in endoscopic spine surgery, learning from each other, to deepen the network among themselves and to elevate every participant to a new level of experience.” All subjects were deepened and supplemented by the subsequent interactive hands-on sessions where the surgeons could expand their practical knowledge.

The last evening was celebrated with a traditional Scottish dinner and on this occasion joimax® awarded the brand-new refined endoscope in “Gold”, “Silver”, “Bronze” for honoring remarkable achievements in patients’ treatment. The crowning conclusion was to honor and celebrate the outstanding achievements with the “Parviz Kambin Award”.

“What an incredible event it has been at the ESPINEA® Endoscopic Spine Academy World Summit 2023. Attending this extraordinary meeting with experts from around the world in the historic location of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh was absolutely stunning.” said Dr. Frank Hassel, the recipient of the blue Kambin Award for his overall achievements in endoscopic spinal surgery. The special achievement Kambin Award in Mother-of-pearl went to Dr. Alastair Gibson for his outstanding dedication to endoscopic spinal surgery.

All participants experienced the overall power of joimax® with its holistic offering like with NAVENTO®, the latest generation endoscopic tower with the fully integrated Intracs® system, the unique electromagnetical navigation system. The participants had the chance to train on all approaches offered by joimax® and also on latest technologies like iLESSYS® Biportal, TESSYS® TransSAP and newest EndoLIF® solutions.

The great success of this event could also be seen in social media posts. Just to cite some of them:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” -Benjamin Franklin –posted by Samesh Lachman on LinkedIn.

“It`s Craftsmanship until you reach a certain level of complexity. Then it`s artistry.”-posted by Sanjay Konakondla on LinkedIn.

Dr. Alastair Gibson and Dr. Menno Iprenburg concluded: “This special event was historical and a major milestone in the educational training activity of ESPINEA® where we are proud to guide highly active surgeons from around the world within this fantastic and encouraging field of endoscopic spinal therapy.

Additionally, training, and educational activities took place at the PASMISS meeting in Taiwan, the NASSi in Bangkok in which lectures and cadaveric workshops were held as well. Those activities will be continued this week at the ASEAN MISST in Jakarta and at the Seattle Science Foundation meeting in Seattle again with lectures and workshops demonstrating the global reach of the ESPINEA® program powered by joimax®, just in July 2023.