On July 13-15, 2023, the first ESPINEA® World Summit was held at The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Summit brought together endoscopic spine experts from around the world for the purpose of greater education in minimally invasive spine surgery.

ESPINEA® had the great pleasure of welcoming the world’s top endoscopic spine experts from the United States, Europe and Asia at the majestic and stunning location of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, where the legacy of many historic medical pioneers still lives on today.

In recognition of the inspiring and outstanding work and dedication to the field of endoscopic spine surgery, the important Endoscopic Spine Surgery Awards were presented to the Summit attendees. ESPINEA® is committed to honor spine surgeons who have made remarkable advancements in the mission to improve the spinal health of patients. With this purpose, four categories of “Endoscope Awards” were given: 

Bronze (100 cases of endoscopic spinal surgery)

Dr. Alfonso Garcia

Dr. Alkasem Wael 

Dennis Hey, MD

Dr. Henri d`Astorg 

Dr. Meng Huang

John Asghar, MD

Dr. Joseph Lam

Dr. Marc Szadkowskir

Dr. Nurul Azwa Bin M. Noor

Osama Kashlan, MD

Peter B. Derman, MD 

Dr. Salheen Hasan

Sanjay Konakondla, MD

Silver (500 cases of endoscopic spinal surgery)

Mr. Ashok Subramanian

Ankur Saxena, MD  

Dr. Loh Choong Sing  

Dr. Dimitrios Papageorgiou

Mark A. Mahan, MD

Dr. Frank Hassel  

Salheen Hasan, MD  

Dr. Joseph Lam    

Saqib Hasan, MD  

Dr. Karel Willems  

Dr. Suthipas Pongmanee  

Dr. Miguel Loureiro

Gold (1000 cases of endoscopic spinal surgery)

Akarawit Asawasaksakul, MD

Albert Telfeian, MD

Bruce Michael Frankel, MD 

Cesar R. Alcantara, MD

Dr. Dinh Ngoc Son 

Felix Dominguez, MD

Muhammed Assous, MD

Dr. Ricardo Casal Grau 

Dr. Robert Sabljic 

Special Gold (5000 cases of endoscopic spinal surgery)

Jian Shen, MD  

Dr. Ralf Wagner

Additionally, the Parviz Kambin Award was also presented during the Summit. The award honors spine surgeons who have notably excelled in advancing endoscopic spine surgery, particularly in the use of transforaminal access techniques. This year, 2023, the award is presented to Dr. Frank Hassel, Head of Spine Surgery at Loretto-Krankenhaus, Freiburg, Germany and Dr. J. N. Alastair Gibson, Honorary Treasurer of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

We would like to thank the joimax® team and The Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh team for their support in organizing such a memorable and extraordinary Summit. Special thanks to all the speakers and instructors for their inspiring and captivating lectures and the exchange of knowledge on minimally invasive endoscopic spine surgery. Our big thanks also go to all attendees for their enthusiastic participation.

About joimax®

Founded in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2001, joimax® is the leading
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About The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh was founded in 1505 by Royal Charter granted from King James IV. From the discoveries of Simpson and Lister to modern day pioneers of medicine and dentistry who are developing simulation, VR, and robotics, the College has been a seat of learning and advancement for over 515 years. It is the oldest Surgical College in the world with just under 30,000 members in 100 countries, almost half of whom are overseas, touching every stage of the career path from medical student to consultant.


Some impressions of the ESPINEA® World Summit 2023: