Scientific Exhibitions

ESPINEA® Scientific Exhibitions

Congresses and Conferences


Scientific Presentation
at EUROSPINE 2021 Lunch Symposium


Live MISS Demonstration by Dr. Ralf Wagner at Global Spine Congress 2021

Recordings from Meetings

1. ESPINEA® Community Meeting

Community Meeting, Salzburg 2021 Introductiono by ESPINEA® Board Members

Knowledge Showcase Presentation
Dr. Ralf Wagner performing a Stabilization Surgery

Knowledge Showcase Presentation
Christoph Hofstetter, MD, PhD performing a Cervical Surgery

Case Report Series

June 10, 2021
Endoscopy Can do more
Demonstrate the advantage of endoscopic
decompression in comparison to open microsurgery.

PD Dr. Albrecht Waschke, MBA

June 17, 2021
Special Aspects of Cervical Spine Cases
The cervical spine region presents special challenges for endoscopic surgeons. This case report session focuses on cervical spine cases and how to better approach them.

Dr. Vincent Hagel

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